Hail and Hesitation

Last night, hail shower upon hail shower. In some way unusual for this season, in some way not. What is the usual, if anything?

Wide awake yet mind dictating "should be tired and get rest". How do we meet the moment as it is and take it on as it is? Okay, so awareness is wide awake and open, and body lies in bed at the same time with the decided purpose to sleep and sleep does not come.

This morning during sitting, there was coming and going about hesitation. My hesitation. Or not being willing, one could say. An interesting point, or gate, to enter. What is our hesitation? Why and where do we hesitate? And where don't we hesitate?

Every moment calls for some kind of movement, big or barely noticeable. Inside or between us. Sometimes reluctant to dance, at other times no hesitation. It calls for a curious, closer look.


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